Day 1

Day 1 (officially a full day) has gone by and I kept myself busy with wasting gas visiting my friend David, we ran into Jeff at dinner and we spent 2 hours playing video games at Ignite. I ran into Sam and Pete and caught up. Pete said he hasn’t seen my resume yet. I doubt I’ve got a job, they were doing interviews with people left and right while we were there and I was super bitter about it.

On a high note, I did manage to get myself out during the day. On a low note my day started with a text from my dad saying “Take that boyfriend crap off facebook and take a course in how to use social media”. Thanks for your concern dad. I didn’t even know he even used facebook anymore. Either way, it was like someone putting salt on a wound. So I took it down.

Tonight I don’t know what to do with myself. I catch myself wanting to text him to just chat but I’m trying not to. He texted me today which was in a way calming but if that’s the last thing he ever says to me I’m not going to be thrilled. Suzanne’s son is supposed to stop by tonight to pick something up for her.

I feel disgusting. But today is better than yesterday. The support from the WordPress community has been very helpful, so thank you everybody.

Edit: Sam just told me they’re going to go with other candidates. Great day.





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