Luvox and deterioration

I am in need of letting the medication get back in my system. Everything is sad and makes me cry. I hope I can breathe while I sleep tonight.

I didn’t hear from Chris at all today. I feel really alone. Like Hannah in Girls just deteriorating but there’s not any Adam at the end of season two to come kick my door down and rescue me.

Still haven’t heard back about the job. I visualize myself working there though while I’m daydreaming on my drives places. I’d prefer to just live on disability when it comes down to it though.

It’s negative something outside. It dries out my eyes. School is closed tomorrow. I’m glad I can save gas. My campus is 50 minutes away. I’ve been using absurd amounts of tinted lip balm. I’m trying to take better care of myself.

You know, while I go crazy.


3 thoughts on “Luvox and deterioration

  1. I struggle with the concept of being on disability forever as I am only 28. I am so grateful for it, primarily for the insurance. Because I am married the money is barely there, but the insurance is worth a million dollars or tons more. I am just very needy when it comes to medical attention as I have a Lithium induced thyroid problem, strong stomach issues post Bulimia for 6 years, Asthma, and most importantly I need my psych. meds-Lithium, Lamcital, Prozac and one other I think. I am most definitely no stranger to vagarious doctors offices and medical facilities, which I am ever grateful for. Just…sometimes I long for the career I set out to achieve as I began college in 2003-becoming a therapist. Now I am on the other side. So weird, eh? I don’t take that part too seriously as I used to though, it hurt too much.
    Its cool that you are in school 🙂 I wish the best for you! Way to go for taking better care of yourself! -and I too am a lip balm fanatic! hehe! God bless, enjoy your day today! x

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