Detox Bath Recipe

Okay directions for the detox bath I was talking about in my last post are:

3, 8oz bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide
2 cups Epsom Salts

Both of which can be purchased at a Walgreens, or your local drug store.

The basis of the bath is that you heat the water up in the tub as hot as you can stand to get you to sweat, the hydrogen peroxide and epsom salts pull out the toxins in your body. There’s no goo that’ll come out of you, the water will be clear the whole time, bring a washcloth to wipe your face as you sweat. Sit for 20 minutes minimum and probably 40 max. You don’t want to get TOO drained. You’re going to feel like crap when you get out. Like it may even be hard to stand up for long periods of time without feeling woozy so drink WATER asap and keep hydrated afterwards, you’ll be looking for some anyways. But believe me maybe a half hour later you’ll feel so much better. No aches, (or very few depending on the severity of your condition) and feeling literally like you’ve been detoxed. I originally took them when I had Lyme Disease because I was on so many antibiotics and things were dying off in me I needed to clear my liver on a weekly basis and that was how I did it. It’s good for anyone, just make sure you’re sweating, you don’t need the water so hot your skin turns red like I normally take my baths…but that’s a preference to make SURE I get the process going.

Any other questions I’m happy to answer but I hope that’s a lot clearer 🙂


11 thoughts on “Detox Bath Recipe

  1. Sad day! Finally carved out my soak time. Can’t decide what did what… I felt a bit better after showering but also took pain meds before the bath. Now I hurt all over again. Guess it’s no match for fibro and effexor withdrawal flu symptoms. Ugh.

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