I was this close

THIS CLOSE to standing up and punching that professor in the face tonight. He crossed the line being rude to me and you don’t be rude to bipolar people!

I’ve noticed more and more over the past two months I want to blurt out vastly inappropriate things to people. Anything from “how’s grandpa?” (He’s been passed for years now) to “I hope someone shits on your grave” to my new friend at school. Sometimes it’s been REALLY HARD to hold back. But makes inappropriate remarks to the teacher I hate sound like normal things. I need to mention it to my doctor.

I pass it off on stress, which I’ve been made of the past couple months. My entire physical form is made up of thin stress fibers.

Finals are a week away and I’ve officially finished all writing that needs doing. I’m far from being done preparing but it does feel nice. One of my professors who found out I was having some trouble with the bipolar earlier in the semester congratulated me for improving so much. That felt good. He’s the only teacher I’ll miss.

I have to see my advisor but I’m so nervous he won’t remember me even though I’ve been emailing him here and there that I keep putting it off. I just want to send a picture and a note explaining my anxiety and to remember my face for when I come in. I’d feel vastly better that way. But how insane would I look? He IS a psychology professor at least…

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