In a stranger’s home

I just took all 11 of my pills in one gulp with lemon seltzer water which spilled onto my top. It’s cold enough in the basement on this cot that I need to wear my winter coat to bed. I’m dogsitting in a brand new home and I miss my own.


The woman I’m sitting for gave me three pages of instructions. When her dog goes out, when she eats, what she likes to play…I know it’s hard to leave your child alone with a babysitter but you don’t need to give the babysitter anxiety with a packet like that. I thought when she called earlier she was going to want to talk to the dog.

Any way you put it, I wish I never took on this job. I did it through dogvacay and they took 15 dollars out of what I would have normally made for “insurance”. I originally went on the site because I was desperate for cash and work. I prefer word of mouth referrals I think. There’s just more trust and therefore freedom. I don’t like feeling like the all seeing eye is reigning down at me at 7:45 on the dot.

On a brighter note, I love my WordPress friends. I owe you all more than likes and comments but I ought to get on a computer more often to give them because you all deserve to know I’ve got your back and I’m reading your posts.

Give it a couple days Barbie. Maybe by Friday or Saturday (the last day) I won’t feel so miserable. In the meantime enjoy your WordPress family’s support!


13 thoughts on “In a stranger’s home

  1. i want to say something to help you feel better, but i’m really not good at that. hopefully knowing that someone is thinking about you and praying for you helps a little. 🙂

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