A Productive Day

I wish I could pipe up and be part of the conversation with my absurdly nerdy professor. I love him, I wish he knew! Truth is I get all squealy and want to jump in to the conversation every time. “Know ME! Not them! They talk enough!” I just can’t keep up with the mockingbirds in the class and the jabberjays too. He said he started a tradition with his brother’s kids that they will all come into the world owning a book so he got 2 copies of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tales (leather bound) for his twin nieces and wrote messages to them. I think that’s friggin’ great.  

I met an eccentric woman at the post office today. I thought she knew the blonde lady that looked like Meg Ryan whom she was talking to but it turns out she was just bored in line and REALLY sociable. She told me she works in New York for a magazine with fifty people beneath her and her mom (who she was there with) didn’t trust her to buy the right stamps. She was very well articulated in all the things she said and seemed to enjoy my company so before we parted I wished her on her way and said, “In case we never meet again, have a great rest of your life.” I think she liked that, I know I was pleased with myself for saying it, I’ve always wanted to.

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