Life’s lame, man

A year ago when I was in group therapy we’d come in every morning and go around the room answering several questions. I’ll answer those for you now.

What’s your mood on a scale of 1 to 100? 25.
How are you feeling physically? Tired, worn down.
And emotionally? Anxious, worried, irritated, frustrated
What are your goals for today? To manage to drudge downstairs to take my pills before bed.
Did you meet your goals from yesterday? No.

God almighty do I miss group. I just sent out three texts to the people from group I kept in touch with but haven’t talked to for some time wishing us all a happy anniversary of our meeting. I hope even if they don’t respond, they appreciate it.

5 thoughts on “Life’s lame, man

  1. My group therapy is small… only me and 3other people. And I believe I am the only bipolar person in the group. Missed it yesterday because president was in town.

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