Thought fragmentation

For a moment there I thought I was going to be able to enjoy the silence, then the Mexican church that rents out rooms in the hotel every Sunday got REALLY LOUD again. As an anthropology minor I totally appreciate and find interesting how they worship, blowing horns to the angels and all, but as a peon stuck in a walk in closet of an office I can barely hear customers on the phone even with the door closed.

Ethiopian coffee is delicious. And strong, maybe that’s what I like about it. As I sip the medium McDonalds coffee David brought me I long for what I had last night (in it’s cute little pot and small cups). We had gone to a small Ethiopian restaurant and ordered a platter of various vegetarian side dishes along with a mixture of meats (beef, lamb and chicken) which were sautéed with peppers and onions. At first I was in a bad mood. I didn’t want Ethiopian for dinner, I have to be in the mood for certain cuisines, but it was a nice experience and I felt healthy leaving.

I really appreciate all the comments on my blog posts lately. It makes me feel like a real person in this community. Thanks guys!

I did get into my lab class, so next semester, which is going to be my last (God willing) is going to be intense. Work is super busy today. I’m starting to lose it a little bit. All my thoughts are getting fragmented more and more as I get orders pouring in.

I had a flare of jealousy over some chick on facebook today, and I swear bipolar jealousy is ten times worse than the normal kind! Managing my emotions has been a lot easier with adjusted medication but I still need to use mindfulness. Besides, I’m 26, grow up loser, everything’s fine.

2 thoughts on “Thought fragmentation

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