Reality Check

I’ve faced reality for too many years now without the luxury of dozing off into fantasy land or regressing to better times. I’ve been sick with something or another for ten years, dealing with more than the average person on a daily basis because of it, and I’m very tired of it all. I think that’s why I’ve been so entranced with Sailor Moon again lately. I have the whole series at my fingertips and it never fails to bring the magic. I treated myself to Luna earrings and a tank that has some of the transformation ribbons and locket on it. It’s geek chic if you ask me. Now I’m losing weight and on a mission to lose a lot of it. I’m trucking through school, making the five minute walk from my parked car to the building and facing all the eyes on me. I haven’t written anything other than blog entries in eons. I used to write story after story and even a few fan fictions that I was proud of. I used to draw, I used to act, I used to do so many things I was so full of confidence about but once the spyroketes attacked with the Lyme Disease 10 years ago I lost all that confidence and my artistic side has suffered. Even the discipline I decided to follow in school is a science, not an art. I think it’s time for me to pick up my old hobbies (maybe not the acting, those were golden years I’ll always cherish though) and even if just for myself and my keepsake boxes for generations to come to enjoy, I think it’ll better my quality of life.

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