Anxious Breathing, Juicing, Sailor Moon and Geeking Out with Animal Crossing

If you’ve ever had a panic attack one of the first things you may have noticed is that you’ve forgotten how to breathe. It was the only sign of panic I ever had as a kid before I even knew what a panic attack was, and usually my parents could talk me back into a normal breathing pattern. Now I’m much older and when this sort of thing happens it’s a thousand times harder to talk me out of it by anyone including myself.


My plan for the night is to stay up as late as humanly possible until I’m ready to collapse, and then well, collapse, but in a sort of healthy way with normal breathing because I’m too tired to be freaking out about it. In the meantime I’m watching Sailor Moon season 3 – which I need to do some complaining about.

See I never saw season 3. TV shot me right to season 4 back in the day, and now that I own the whole series (dubbed) and have just started disc one of season 3 I’m a grumpy witch. For starters, I absolutely detest hearing the ‘new’ voice actress right after season 2 (the second voice actress was my absolute favorite of all time). The saving grace of the series is that the other scouts still have the same voice actors including my love Tuxedo Mask (Y U NO REAL TUXEDO MASK!?).


The art is still the same but there’s something off about the show, as though it’s not as good. The villains are blah and I have no real attachment to Neptune and Uranus as they seem to have popped out of nowhere with no explanation where they came from (which I was expecting) so to add to the new voice actress is the two new scouts who just kind of pop in and do their thing and I feel like there’s got to be some missing episodes here because why would that actually be the case? However, why would my full series of DVD’s not include EVERY episode? Unless some episodes never ran in English, which could be likely.

On another note, I spent the most time with Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS today than I have in my entirety owning the game (which has only been a week, but still). I’m on my third expansion and I’m angry because I can’t collect bells fast enough. Running back and fourth from the island with fruit doesn’t even seem to be that big a pay off, and no one is ever in my wi-fi area so I can visit another town. There aren’t enough errands to run for citizens, but I do like that new shops have opened up, that there’s a ‘re-tail’ shop, and the time travel aspect is back, which was missing in the last Animal Crossing. Overall I’m super happy with the game, I just wish I could exploit the doubling glitch I read about but I need someone else to be linked with to do that. I want to buy all my house expansions so that I can finally start donating my fossils to the museum! I am a monster fossil hunter, and days when I can pick up 4-5 of them make me happy.


OH life, give me a break here.

I’m hoping that juicing helps me get back into a good healthy place. I’ve got 59 more days to go for my juicing plan, and I had a hard time getting through day ONE today. I had some solid food as well as juice which is not what I want to be doing every day, but I guess you can’t go all to very little so quickly without your body complaining it wants more calories. Or rather something to chew.


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