Reasons Why I’m Sailor Moon

We are both major klutzes,


And cry babies,cb1d2c320586b13389f61a26a83e9987

And we’re both in love with a guy older than usDarienSerena2

And our relationships with those men are identicalf114dcc97c46f1053cdfbea775a9a671

Even like that of Serena and Darien in season 2.Queen_serenity_manga

We both just wanted to be normal teenagers.
royalfamily (1)

But we know that we need to fight through it all for a peaceful futureSerena-Darien-Rini-serena-and-darien-33991344-317-266

We’re unsure at times, and easily irritable, but have the best of friends to help guide ustumblr_ln4at2TnpI1qivj1oo1_500

And at the end of the day have the heart of a dependable soldiertumblr_mkjffwEiRQ1s6tttwo1_500And we’ll both keep fighting and loving and crying because that’s what we do.

5 thoughts on “Reasons Why I’m Sailor Moon

  1. Sailor moon is my favorite reminds me of my early early childhood… This is why i love your blog.. classic anime and bipolar and we’re both dealing with college/uni. Sadly i can’t remember who my favorite character was when i was younger… i have an idea, just can’t remember her name. *shrugs* (google time: Sailor Pluto)

    • I know there was a second one i remember but that i can’t recall but i definitely could recall sailor pluto cuz i thought she was so beautiful, dark, cool, mysterious, and had that emerald green

  2. I think I start envying Serena in the later later episodes. Obviously I am the only one in my family that remembers her.. and that was my favorite cartoon/anime/fantasy show… and my mother cannot remember that. I also remember powder puff girls…I am notices for some reason I went for the aggressive girls or mysterious ones.. or the ones with green colors or purple. Oddly enough Green and purple are still my favorite color!

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