Well I haven’t had a DA in years and out of looking for something to do in my downtime at work I decided ‘Hey, why not?’
I’m on a Sailor Moon binge (re-watching all of the episodes and catching up on ones I never saw – for my birthday I acquired the entire dubbed collection including movies!)
As well as a DA tweaking/photography binge. Likely I’ll spend ample time at work tweaking my page and surfing the site. I even opted for the premium membership on a whim (a hypomanic decision for sure but hopefully a good one).
Unfortunately my Cannon Rebel is retired for good, so I’ve been using my Galaxy III while I’m out and about. I’m a film junkie so it’s been a hard transition, and even harder not being able to control the focus on the camera. Anyhow, I spend plenty of time at the Chicago Botanic Gardens lately getting some steps on the pedometer and some pretty pictures to boot.
You can call me Speed Grapher! (20 points if you snag the reference).
 Download (67) by *tw33tssy
Taken at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, August 2013.

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