good god I want to sleep

I’m listening to my mash ups that I posted in the upper right corner “about me” text box. I forgot how much I enjoyed making them. I’d like to do another, but they’re so much work, so it’s not a job for this morning. In fact, I should have been sleeping five hours ago, but that’s about the time I woke up all gung-ho to finish my transcript for my first podcast. Now I’m wondering whether or not I should put it up as a youtube video or an actual podcast. I’ve decided on the website buzzsprout. They even have a html code I can put into my blog when I do upload an episode. I’m not used to reading things aloud and don’t feel like I sound that smooth. Part of me wants my friend to read it for me, but I’m sure I’ll do it myself. My next obstacle then will be to add music. After that I can finally upload it and maybe collect a listener or two. If I can get at least 10 I think I’d feel pretty proud of myself.


I hope I can find the other 5 hour energy that I bought yesterday because I’ll damn well need it today. I’m going to see Orange Drink at night with Saskrotch and a couple other acts I haven’t heard of. It’s nerdy chip tuney music. I saw Orange Drink a couple years ago opening for Nullsleep and they really stole the show, so I’m excited. I think I’m more excited for them because I’m about to do something public too, and broadcast myself.

Yesterday was a bust, but hopefully today I can get plenty done. Even hit the library. If only now I could sleep. My body is Lyme Diseasing out right now with skin hypersensitivity and minor aches and pains. It’s keeping me up. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been truly comfortable. I do like after spilling out my guts into that podcast transcript that I feel a little more open about blogging about the personal. That’s a huge part of being bipolar and about being a blogger anyways, even if no one is interested in reading.

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