1. Their idea of character customization is to buy limited outfits with real money.
2. The fact that everyone knows the PvP matching system BLOWS and yet after 2 patches they still didn’t do anything about it
3. You have to wait until certain times of day to do arena and battlegrounds
4. Battleground PvP is completely jacked up too
5. You can’t enter a guild battle from the guild hall
6. The clicking in which you do to move around
7. There is no jumping
8. You have a daily quest that asks you to buy things with vouchers which if you ran out of you’d need to buy with real money
9. You can’t have 2 gems socketed of the same type on the same piece of armor (ex. No two HP gems in a sword with 2 gem slots)
10. Everything. Why do I play this game?

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