Anybody remember “Mall Monkeys”? That was my favorite web comic in high school. I don’t remember there being a ton of web comics out then. My friend and I had all these ideas for one but we never went through with it and it was a damn shame! Here are some giggles for your Thursday. Keep workin’ for that weekend!

110_Lego_Fight 2010-04-27-snips32 2011-05-16-first-haunting 2011-11-18-My-Shower-Routine 2012-03-05-ROBERT-FROST-the-brain-is-a-wonderful-organ 2013-02-06-Easy-Fix all-natural chickenspot8 diminishing-concern-500x400 drugs-blog saved the_problem_with_facebook tumblr_mg0v31PC7l1qj2aqzo1_500 tumblr_mihosz1u6L1qz8z2ro1_500

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