I go to a salon called Strange Beauty Show. Virginia cuts my hair. And she’s wonderful, but I’m a broke college student and going to the salon always costs me big bucks just for a haircut, which I try so hard to get every three months. I realized that short hair works for me. My oily Sicilian hair is such a pain in the ass. It’s wavy too but not so wavy that you can just throw some product in it and say ‘oh hey I have beach hair!’ more like ‘CURL OR STRAIGHTEN OUT YOU BASTARDS!’

So now I’m being brave and growing my hair out a little, and looking for a new cut. here are some of the ideas I’ve got. I’m terrified what it’ll cost for a new cut AND color (and possibly multiple processing if I need to bleach parts of it out) but thankfully I need to grow my hair out a bit more before I have to worry about it. Gotta fill dat piggy bank!

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