I’ve been a huge Sailor Moon fan since I was way younger and Blockbuster was full of VHS tapes with worn plastic edges! My younger sister had rented the tape on a whim for us to watch and I refused at first to watch it…but I can’t recall why. Either way! It was SO hard for me to admit that I was absolutely in love and super obsessed with the show after watching it after making such a big stink about how it wouldn’t be any good or whatever it was I put my young foot down about. We rented all the VHS tapes again and again from Blockbuster (as many as they had, which was pretty much just the first season) and to this day I still love Serena and the girls! They’re having NEW episodes of Sailor Moon this summer (2013) which is a shock to me and I’m looking forward to seeing them!

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These were two of my favorite songs that I still know all the words to! (Below)

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